85-89 Edward Street Perth WA 6000

Mission | Vision | Values


People in remote communities experience greater isolation, have limited access to support and services and are more vulnerable to crisis.

We stand with people in the bush to provide practical, pastoral and spiritual care to enable well-being and quality of life.

We endeavour to foster collaboration with other Uniting Church agencies as well as external partners to fund chaplaincy, advocate for people and communities, and mobilise volunteers and resources where they are needed most in rural and remote areas.


For all people in remote areas of Australia to be connected with the support and services they need to lead fulfilled lives.


  • Hope – We stand alongside people in the bush through the joys and struggles of life, offering practical, pastoral and spiritual support.
  • Justice – We work and advocate with people in the bush to secure fair outcomes for all.
  • Compassion – We turn up, we listen, we offer care and connection.
  • Respect – We value all people, recognising the uniqueness, creativity and resilience of people in the bush.
  • Integrity – We are ethical, accountable and transparent in our work and our relationships.
  • Courage – We do what is right in the face of challenge and adversity.
  • Innovation – We are a learning organisation, collaborating for creative outcomes.